Micro Cat

Micro Cat boats were created for the angler to get into very shallow water, to spin for fish around mangroves, wharves, and to stand and cast lures.

The first Micro Cat boats were designed to go into very shallow areas that ordinary boats can't go. As time went on, Craig's research and development led to the current the 4.4m Sidewinder model. This boat can take on bar crossing; fish close to bomboras, and fish in that skinny water that mono hull boat can't access in our estuary systems. 

Micro Cat Boats have been going through a lot of refinements over the past few years, expanding the product range and hydrodynamics of the Micro Cat hulls. These boats are truly rough water boats unmatched in forward stability and dryness of ride. Micro Cat Boats now come in two classes, the Sidewinder series from 4m ,4.5m & 5m hulls and the Sniper series which have 3.6m & 3.9m hulls.

The Micro Cat is the most stable boat in its class and you can stand up and cast lures around with ease. A large range of accessories are made for the Micro Cat so you can customise to your own standards.

The  hull is designed for rough water application and can go into 400mm of water at high speed. The boats represent the cutting edge of technology and fishing ability. Nothing looks like a Micro Cat, nothing goes like a Micro Cat boat. The room on these boats are unmatched in the world for their size range. This give the customer real value for money. Micro Cat Boats never need things like bilge pumps or bailing systems as the hulls are unsinkable.

Get in touch with Craig to organise a test run or for more information about Micro Cat Boats.